Ohio mold dog
Bo with his trainers.

It’s not very often you meet a dog with a job but if you worked for Iron Dog Inspections in Northeast Ohio, you’d be lucky enough to meet one every day.

Mold dog Columbo (or Bo, as his family calls him) joined Iron Dog Inspections in 2006 and works hard to ensure that his customers and friends in Akron, Canton, Cleveland and surrounding areas are safe from toxic mold.

Columbo, a yellow lab, was rescued from a kennel in Florida when he was 3 months old and received 9 months of training from the Florida Canine Academy in Tampa. He is specially trained in mold testing and is able to accurately identify the 18 types of toxic mold that are dangerous for his human friends.

But, what does Columbo do when he’s not working?

In addition to naps, ear scratches, belly rubs and long walks, Columbo loves to wrestle, chase balls and chew on frozen water bottles. He is very energetic, for sure, but is a true gentleman when he’s on the job.

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