Prospective home buyers who are seeking to protect their potential investment as well as existing home owners can benefit from comprehensive mold inspection and testing by Iron Dog Inspections, the only mold inspection company in Ohio with a mold dog.

While many properties are mold free, the health risks associated with toxic mold are numerous and it’s best to know what you’re dealing with before you commit to a purchase. If you already own a home and suspect there is mold, a mold inspection and testing can determine whether any health effects you may be experiencing are the results of toxic mold growth, also known as sick building syndrome.
Toxic mold generally is discovered in basements and attics but also can be found in walls and crevices throughout the home where moisture may leak into the home and foster mold growth. A professional mold inspection by Iron Dog Inspections will examine the common and not-so-common locations of mold and determine whether there is mold on your property.
In many cases, toxic mold is located easily by visual inspection. Iron Dog Inspections may also take air and/or swab samples for mold testing to determine what level of mold is registered in the air.
In cases where a detailed visual inspection does not reveal mold but additional testing and an air/swab inspection does, Iron Dog Inspections can enlist the help of Columbo, the only mold dog in Ohio. Columbo, who has been with Iron Dog Inspections since 2006, is specially trained to locate all 18 types of toxic mold and can locate mold through walls and as much as 3 feet of concrete.
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