Columbo, Ohio's mold dog

Many companies offer mold inspection services in Northeast Ohio, but only Iron Dog Inspections can bring you professional mold testing and Columbo, the only mold dog in Ohio.

Columbo’s unique ability to identify and locate any of the 18 types of toxic mold means you can be sure that a mold inspection by Iron Dog Inspections will address thoroughly whether your property is affected by toxic mold growth.
Aside from Columbo’s friendly disposition and good manners, there are many advantages to using a mold dog for your mold inspection needs:
  • Cost: Not only are mold dogs more accurate than humans at detecting mold (97% accurate vs. 70% accurate), they also are able to identify toxic mold more quickly than human inspectors using mechanical devices. An air sample may detect toxic mold in your home, but locating it can be difficult and costly without the use of a mold dog. Mechanical devices used to detect mold oftentimes are unable to pinpoint the exact location, which can create an expensive and time-consuming process of tearing into various walls to locate the problem. Mold dogs can locate the exact position of toxic mold, eliminating the need to bore into multiple areas to find the mold.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Dog noses aren’t new but their use in the mold inspection industry is. You’ve seen or heard of cadaver dogs, drug-sniffing dogs and bomb sniffing dogs. They have become indispensable resources in the law enforcement industry. The same people who train those dogs also train dogs to locate mold in areas not visible to the human eye. Mold dogs are taught to distinguish the 18 types of toxic mold from the thousands of types of non-toxic mold. (They ignore common, non-toxic molds.) Mold dogs can more accurately detect and pinpoint the source of mold than mechanical devices, particularly when the mold is embedded within the structure of the house. 
  • Proven and Trusted: You can trust the work of mold dogs. Although mold-sniffing dogs are relatively new, man’s best friend has proved its reliability and competence for years in service to military and law enforcement agencies.
  • Dogs are Honest: Mold dogs like Columbo are trained to work only for food and love, not profits. And Columbo is rewarded for his work whether he finds mold or not.
  • Peace of Mind: When you hire a mold inspection company, you want to feel confident of the results. Research reveals that if a mold dog finds mold there’s a high statistical probability that you should investigate further. And if the mold dog does not find mold, you can also know with greater certainty that your property is safe from mold.
  • Hard Workers: Mold inspection can be time-intensive work, especially when the mold is in hidden locations. But mold dogs are hard workers (they don’t take coffee breaks and never get a personal phone call while on the job) and don’t need to see the mold to detect it. Columbo can identify mold hidden deep within a wall, even if you can’t see it.

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